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Saw the 9pm showing of TF:DotM on Tuesday.

SO GOOOOOODDDD. Worth the $17.25 for IMAX 3D.

Bay didn't lie about an item.

And this film proves there are 2 constants in the TF universe: Optimus Prime will die & come back at least once and that Sentinel Prime

is synonymous with Douchbag.
Megatron:Origins he was an arrogant jackass that didn't think a bunch of miners, gladiators & such could do shit. MEgatron w/ Starscream's newly designed Fusion Cannon showed him otherwise, despite being in the Apex Armor.
War for Cybertron (Zeta Prime)/Exodus book: arrogant ass that didn't think OP could do anything.
TF:A - he of the giant chin was definitely a douche. The first Sentinel douche.
DotM: Nimoy's voice can't hide the fact that SP is a douche if the worst kind.

For those that read the novelization - there are some changes. Overall - changes I liked. One involving Megs I'm still undecided about.

And Whitney/Carly - slightly less vapid than Mikaela. The hotness factor gets a good one-liner from Sam's mom.

Overall, not a bad way for the series to go out. One death pissed me the fuck off... and I will happily ignore it, and hope fanfic writers do as well.

Also - for those that have written some fic about Cybertron's current state or location... gods I feel bad I can't recall who/title... Macx_larabee or Sakon76 I believe... you didn't have it wrong.

Now I have to go hop to some boards & LJ comms to happily squee.
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