Jan. 9th, 2010

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I'm working, I'm bored & cold...so I joined the madness )
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Religious freedom & equality, specifically Neo-Pagan & Wiccan. Also do some work for LGBT rights. Mostly letter-writing & marching for the latter. Letters & living it for the former. As in- I don't hide I'm Wiccan, and in the past I wore my Pentacle necklace in the open at work & my plates indicate my beliefs as well. which reminds me I need to go hunting for a new necklace...

Most either feel the same or don't give a crap - about either. The again, most of the ones that don't give a crap don't vote or otherwise participate in the system beyond mandatory taxes either.

Most of my family also feel strongly about these issues - though my parents were not the ones that started e down either path - only taught me to try to think of ppl equally.

eta: as many of you know, I'm the mod on the kink-meme. Recently, there's been an uptick in trolling & flaming. Most recently,, it was wank about child pr0n being requested or written It's not & won't be while I'm a mod). One of the prompts that preceded the wank was Megatron likes em fresh/young - a Bot's first time... It got written, and I gotta share the author's foreword:

For those trollish anons, Bluestreak is young by Cybertronian standards. He is (not counting the 4 million years in stasis) a mere 50 vorns old. As each vorn is 83 human years that means that our young Bluestreak is four thousand, one hundred fifty (4150) years old and thus, damned trolls, well past the age of consent anywhere on Earth. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Well said author-anon, well said.



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