Sorry for the double-posting today gang...

I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed:

"Fight eBook Piracy"

To give you a frame of reference, one of my favorite e-authors discovered nearly 100 of her books on ONE piracy site... that was something like $4,000 + worth of downloads she lost out on. And the website-owner doesn't care.

Some could say "well buy paper then". A different author recently saw the worksheet for her print-books sold on for the 2009 3rd Qtr. Almost 1200 books sold @ $14 each... over $16.5k in sales by amazon... Author?? received $214. Yes, that's right - the AUTHOR made a measley TWO HUNDRED dollars off sales of over SIXTEEN THOUSAND after amazon's 55% cut & the printer's cut, and the publisher's. She gets 10% of the *publisher's* cut. If they'd been purchased from the original publisher - she would have made at least $1100. And if purchased in e-format from the original e-publisher, she'd have seen double that amount (so, $2200).

So paper still doesn't help the author - but combine the two, it's no wonder trash like LKH's Anita Blake series & Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series goes downhill as they go along but they keep writing - cuz sheer numbers are needed to "make it".

Just an FYI for my fellow voracious readers who I know have discussed piracy & plagerism in the past.
I am away from my home puter to see some eBook...

16) Star Trek: Singular Destiny, Keith R. A. DeCandido, paper (continues the cross-over from the Destiny trilogy in 2008, focus mostly on Dax & Klingons)
17) Sonny's Salvation; Lynne, Carol; eBook; total-e-bound - Good Time Boys 1
18) Garron's Gift; Lynne, Carol; eBook; TEB - GTB 2
19) Rawley's Redemption; Lynne; eBook; TEB - GTB 3
20) Twin Temptations; Lynne; eBook; TEB - GTB 4 (reminded me of Lambo Twin-fic)

1/12 of the year in, and 1/5 done... with 3 books due out earlier this week :)

looks at wallet *hears wallet crying*
Huzzah for my mini-laptop!

13) Dinah's Dark Desire, Mechele Armstrong, eBook,
14) Cattle Valley 9: Gone Surfin', Carol Lynne, eBook,
15) Good-Time Boys 1: Sonny's Salvation, Carol Lynne, eBook,

next week I got some Star Trek coming, along w/ romance... And the new Jim Butcher/Dresden Files has a listing - for April :(
Several of my LJ friends (and a couple of RL ones) have done the 100-books in a challenge. With the amount of stuff I go through (looks at the wallet & sagging bookshelves), this is a no-brainer... I *think*

And to start off the year & the challenge - smut LOL

1) Wolf Tales VII; Douglas, Kate; paper; Chanku series
2) Lord of the Forest; Thompson, Dawn; paper; Lord series 3
3) The Lovers; *gotta check*; eBook (
For those looking for some eBooks to read this season... and maybe some freebies:

Holiday Hell - Win prizes included TWO Kindles, gift certificates, books, purses, misc stuff, books... check it out. I'd suggest daily :)

I'm looking forward to finding new authors to supplement my fanfic smut :)
Saw this Sunday w/ K. Not bad. If you have kids, it's worth the $ - cheap show or matinée; otherwise, I'd recommend DVD.

Not bad; makes for a good intro to the series coming this fall. The VA for Obi-Wan was *very* good - if I hadn't known better, I would have thought Ewan MacGregor had reprised his role.

Monday night, went to Barnes & Noble in Clarendon - Sherrilyn McKenyon was there for a book signing for the newest Dark-Hunter book, Acheron. If you like paranormal romance, w/ a different take on vamps & lycans, it's worth a look. Do NOT start w/ Acheron though - while an excellent book, the 2nd half will not make much sense if you haven't read any others. Had a good Q&A session. Luckily, they took the line-numbers in batches - so since I was #82 (they had 123 I was told), I was able to putter around, look at some other books & get some chai well before I needed to get in line. Won a nifty bag; that plus my extra copy of Acheron is going on eBay soon. A 2nd copy may go up as well, closer to Xmas. Long night though - had to make up 17 invitations for K's bday party. I copped out - I printed out blocks w/ the info, and taped them into the invites.

At least that's done. Now to figure out snacks & non-water games for the kiddies. Anyone know of some good 5/6 y/o party games?

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