Got a call from the insurance company...
On another note:
The initial eggs hatched...I have a matching pair - maybe I'll be luck & they'll be able to breed.

Mah scroll of eggs & hatchlings

And lastly: BSG goodies!! from SDCC - SciFi channel recorded their panel (all 1 hr of it - yay!) - hosted by Kevin Smith. Warning - NSFW audio - Smith has a frakking mouth on him.
Well, it's been a fun week - wake up w/ back pain; most of the workday = pain; go to bed w/ some level of pain...

Went to Patriot Sports Health & Physical Therapy -

Good news - doesn't look like any lasting damage done.

Bad news - my L4 & 5 deep muscles, aka "Guard muscles", apparently didn't get the "ALL CLEAR" message the rest of my muscles got - even w/ the Flexoril & Vicodin knocking on the door.

So, I have to go 2x/wk for 2-4wks; stretches, heat, electric stimulation, and some massage. W/ stretches in between @ home.

Work is just SOOOOO thrilled - at least I was able to get appts @ the front or back-end of the day, so won't impact the office as bad as it could... though it's still 1.5-2hrs a day blown...

Damn insurance better F* well have a good offer - I'm using up ALL of my sick & personal leave doing this.

Called Friday to set up a rental for Sat - when I'd planned to drop off my car to get fixed from the accident 3 wks ago.

Called Sat, when I discovered the place I'd chosen was closed on Sat.

Left work 1+ hr early, to head S to do the car thang. It'll cost more than insurance originally estimated - exactly how much, the shop isn't sure... but the adjustment will probly add 2-3 days to the work/needed rental.

The Rental Saga )


Well crap

Jun. 4th, 2008 10:05 pm
Back's still bothering me. Twinges come & go. So I called the Dr's office - I'm getting a referral for Physical Therapy.

Which sucks. And which means that compensation/settlement offer is adding up XP
Friday, I get the call from Allstate - they'll accept liability.

This am, I get their assessment - $1300; about $300 parts, rest is (mostly) paint labor.

Got a co-worker to recommend 2 places in Wdbrg he's used over the years, and a 3rd near Garrisonville his new wife has used for about 8 by her & her 2 daughters (who are a bit under my age). So I'll call them tomorrow & see what rough estimate they can give based on the line items - maybe I can save some $

Back is doing better - it comes & goes now. I'm giving it til mid-week. Then I'll have to think about another Dr visit to get P.T. referral - wheeeee

And the ex is getting re-hitched over Father's Day weekend (I think it is). His new bride's - definitely at least 3 baby daddies - she's been pregnant 10 times & only carried 4 to live-birth. Of those 4, 1 was given to family to raise, and the other - the boy I knew of - was taken by his father & she has visitation...

Great family to bring our son into, F.

And K went to a blessing for his sister - at a LDS church... had so much "fun" he informed me tonight that "God has a father"... I had to correct him, and mention the Goddess...

Thank goodness Midsummer is around the corner - looks like I'll have to start the counter-programming a bit earlier than I'd planned.

*edit - thanks for ppl going LTS?? what church izzat?-oops
Well, the Flexoril (muscle relaxer) I've been taking @ night, since Saturday @ the hospital, has made the neck & shoulders feel fine.

However, can't say the same for my lower back. It started aching late Sun pm or early Mon am, and has been getting progressively worse.

So left work early to get checked out - Dr (well, RN) was surprised that my back hadn't bothered me at first. So I have 600mg motrin, and more Flex, and some Vic. If it doesn't improve in a week, I'll have to go back & get a referral for a Physical Therapist (if anyone knows in the NoVa, esp Woodbridge or Arlington area, pls send me info).

Just gets better & better.

Oh - and not that it's surprising; but called ex to let him know what'd happened - as far as K being in car - so he'd know K wasn't making up a story. He was perturbed that I hadn't informed him sooner, and no concern for me or the safety/drivability of the car - which is how his child gets to school. *sigh* Even after letting him p/u K an extra evening so K could see his baby sister. *bleh*

At least I'll see Indiana Jones w/ L & my parents.
vawitch: (Murphy-friend)
Saturday, May 24 - 5:32pm EST - heading westbound on Rt 50 towards Rt28 to have a nice cookout w/ [profile] tfrework  and [profile] penguinet . When the 3rd car back, in the left lane (I'm in the middle) puts on his blinker & proceeds to come over...

I hit my horn but guess what??

let's see how this BS pans out...
Figured out a way (I think) to not have outstanding checks bounce, get the back window fixed, and keep utilities on. (bleh)

Only upshot of the weekend - I got USAA to cover a car rental, and for $12 (supposedly - crosses fingers) extra, I got to drive a red Mustang all weekend. K was just thrilled beyond belief when he saw it, asked what kind it was, and I said "it's a car like Barricade" "OH COOOOL MOMMY". :)

After driving it around town, and to work & back - I'd say the V6 model is still worth considering - when I have the $ to put towards another car. Had a chat w/ [profile] armitige3 about cars. I'm tired of "practical" cars w/ my Hondas. I don't want a car that screams "conservative mommy", which is what I feel Honda (Civic & Accord at least) does... ah well - no hurry - it'll be at *least* a year before I can even go beyond looking (K needs to be in a regular booster seat, vs. a car seat).

Lemme revise that above statement - the Mustang wasn't the *only* upshot - Sat nite's RIFTS game went really well too - Damiri lived, as did the rest of the party - which is always good, hehe. I *almost* feel sorry for L, our GM - we're split into 2 groups, but we didn't (I think) deliberately do it.

Window is fixed; can't wash the car/try to keep it dry for 2 days, and the guy suggested keeping a window cracked a bit when on the highway - to regulate air pressure (since that *might* have contributed to the window breaking. I guess it *could*, as it was quite cold outside, and we had 4 ppl in the car...
For those that didn't know - life officially sucked hard today.

While heading N along the I-95 HOV lanes, myself & 3 slugs were going along at about 80mph when a loud pop came from the back window - I looked in my rear-view mirror, to see a 1x3" hole, and my rear passenger nowhere in sight. I pulled over quickly, he was fine, but the glass started to blow in as other cars passed us.

USAA, for the record - SUX ASS for glass claims. 1) you have to talk to "Safelight", their glass division - who doesn't necessarily work w/ the tow-setup part of the claims process. 2) USAA does NOT offer a "glass deductible" which is different (aka lower) than your standard comprehensive deductible - why? Cuz VA doesn't require it.  That said, when my other ticket drops off this fall, I will be looking hard @ other companies (including 2 that my company has a discount with, that DO include a "glass deductible" - for all those damn-annoying chips & scratches y'get in this area cuz of fragging trucks). So I had to scrape together $250... at a *really* bad time.

Glass people are due @ my place on Mon am; luckily Mom will be able to meet them for me - boss didn't sound too happy that I'd be out all day today.



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