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Well, i missed [ profile] cazcatharsis' awesome weekly show cuz..... oh wait - let me back up.

6:30 Wed after work, I go in to my usual place for a massage, Massage Envy. Usually they do a great job - tonight was a different therapist. From the get-go, I wasn't sure about his technique - not that it was bad, but wasn't working for me. THEN, I start feeling pain - like WTF?? Turns out he uses his fingertips for pressure, which means I was getting dug by his fingernails. And since this was at the beginning, there went to whole damn session.

7:45 Ate a decent bite @ Panera while checking mail on my Asus Eee mini-laptop.

8:30 Then went to pick up my son K. 1) came from a different direction than I have before 2) was dark 3) the road-expansion project didn't bother to put barrels to denote the turn-interesection this time. So I turned too soon, thinking I was just going on dirt.

Result? I came to a sudden halt, w/ my entire front end & tires catching air

for 2 hours

8:55 call the ex, explain the sit.

9:25 Ask F to hold onto K & put him to bed, and we were waiting for the police to arrive to stop traffic so dad could try to pull my car-aft back the way I came - which means he could've been T-boned... then possibly a tow-truck, didn't know yet.

F: Why don't we wait a half-hour?
Me: Because at best case, that means K goes to bed an hour and a half past his bedtime. Did you get my email?
F: His report card, something about reading?
Me: Yea - where his test scores indicate he's only doing 34% of where he should be... he obviously needs to get his sleep, since being tired won't help.
F: I dunno - wait, I gotta go, I got a baby crying -click-

So my mom (bless my parents) leaves to get her car, comes back to pick up K, who's passed out, F has to carry him to her car, & he passes out again. In time to come back to the road where the towtruck is trying to line up w/ my car...(I went w/ her, cuz she didn't know where F lives). Even better? 2 - count em - TWO - cars passed me, incl one who also made the turn a bit short, and went down the road F lives (w/o stopping to ask if I needed help of course). Guess what I saw when I arrived @ F's MIL's house?? YUP - the 2 cars... it must've been Bunco night or something...

So 11pm rolls around before my son's in bed. $125 in towing (there goes my cat-deposit refund), and *very* cold feet.

At least massage-induced relaxation didn't go to waste :p
Well, the move is done - the only thing left @ old place is the walk-through. THAT was supposed to happen last week - but the damn manager told me that if I changed the elec & water over to them, THEY'LL charge me anyhow (and of course, I'd have to take their word for it or fight for a copy of the bill). Turn in my keys while I'm still responsible for utilities?? I don't f*in think so!!! So now walk-thru is on Jan 31. Only 3 more days!!!

New place is doing well - looks like the Borax is killing the ant problem finally. Ants, if you didn't know, is the one bug-issue I have. Ants outside = fine. Ants in my house = MUST DIE. I'll save crickets, big spiders, etc. But if you're a roach, silverfish or an ant - you're screwed. Oh, and the HVAC is debatable... as in, the furnace doesn't feel very hot when directly touched, and the air @ vent-level is kinda lukewarm.

But I HAS SPACE now. I'd forgotten how firm my furniture-set began, as the loveseat has gotten mushy from 3 yrs of sitting while the chair, which has never been in a position to be used much - can actually be sat in to watch TV.

Got an extra shift for guard duty this Sat night. Ironically, I asked ex to watch K overnight. He said yes. then called back a few hours later to ask to take K for the day - for an audition. Seems ex has delusions of grandeur that our son can be a model or actor. A model, I'll grant as a possibility; when he was younger I had some prof photogs ask if I'd considered it (need to post a pic, I know). An actor - let's just say the child needs to work on his memorization (lost 2 pairs of gloves in 1 week, and the 2nd pair was to replace the first one!), and his direction-following skills (several examples).

So now I don't have to feel guilty/do a favor for the ex to get a shift.

Life plugs along LOL Oh - and the guard-boss said he'll put me in for an upgrade so I can work at a site, $27.50/hr :) and said upgrade will improve my prospects for finding a replacement primary job too. *requests good vibes to come for new job*
Friday, I get the call from Allstate - they'll accept liability.

This am, I get their assessment - $1300; about $300 parts, rest is (mostly) paint labor.

Got a co-worker to recommend 2 places in Wdbrg he's used over the years, and a 3rd near Garrisonville his new wife has used for about 8 by her & her 2 daughters (who are a bit under my age). So I'll call them tomorrow & see what rough estimate they can give based on the line items - maybe I can save some $

Back is doing better - it comes & goes now. I'm giving it til mid-week. Then I'll have to think about another Dr visit to get P.T. referral - wheeeee

And the ex is getting re-hitched over Father's Day weekend (I think it is). His new bride's - definitely at least 3 baby daddies - she's been pregnant 10 times & only carried 4 to live-birth. Of those 4, 1 was given to family to raise, and the other - the boy I knew of - was taken by his father & she has visitation...

Great family to bring our son into, F.

And K went to a blessing for his sister - at a LDS church... had so much "fun" he informed me tonight that "God has a father"... I had to correct him, and mention the Goddess...

Thank goodness Midsummer is around the corner - looks like I'll have to start the counter-programming a bit earlier than I'd planned.

*edit - thanks for ppl going LTS?? what church izzat?-oops
/Semi-rant on

Tonite I found out that my ex, with whom I have a lovely son, is expecting w/ his "just a friend"... I am feeling annoyed, mad, scared, and a little .... ashamed... is the only word that comes to mind...

Now please excuse me while I go have a cider to calm down.
Welp, got the latest bill form IRS - with interest - yay!!

I really really need to fill out the paper work to at minimum split the bill w/ Frank, since only 5% of the misreported income was mine... and all of the rest, I had no knowledge of the amount or accounts... sigh

I really wish IRS would send his s*** to his address!



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