Worked guard duty at the BAE sauna... which wasn't too bad thanks to Hanna blowing through. Although had some interesting drama when a noticeable leak appeared in a room full of *BIG* UPSs... on the other hand, didn't have to do a couple of outdoor rounds.

Finally got to get another fun MC ride in - part of Skyline Drive, and through Harrisonburg for lunch. It was my 2nd ride for my Road Captain rocker - I got to lead a group of 6 bikes. Got several compliments, and my tailgunner said he would relay to the head Captain that I deserved my rocker at the next meeting I made. YAY!!

ON a side note - wore my patched bike vest (thanks Dad!) - and got sunburn on my neck & chest (oops). Put sunscreen on my face - didn't even think about lower bits. Got a perfect V on my chest...sigh...

And cuz of all this fun (work screwed my sleep schedule something aweful) - I forgot to post my dragons on the usual place! And now 2 of them are running out of time...
**Adopt one today!**Adopt one today!**Adopt one today!
**Adopt one today!
Saw this Sunday w/ K. Not bad. If you have kids, it's worth the $ - cheap show or matinée; otherwise, I'd recommend DVD.

Not bad; makes for a good intro to the series coming this fall. The VA for Obi-Wan was *very* good - if I hadn't known better, I would have thought Ewan MacGregor had reprised his role.

Monday night, went to Barnes & Noble in Clarendon - Sherrilyn McKenyon was there for a book signing for the newest Dark-Hunter book, Acheron. If you like paranormal romance, w/ a different take on vamps & lycans, it's worth a look. Do NOT start w/ Acheron though - while an excellent book, the 2nd half will not make much sense if you haven't read any others. Had a good Q&A session. Luckily, they took the line-numbers in batches - so since I was #82 (they had 123 I was told), I was able to putter around, look at some other books & get some chai well before I needed to get in line. Won a nifty bag; that plus my extra copy of Acheron is going on eBay soon. A 2nd copy may go up as well, closer to Xmas. Long night though - had to make up 17 invitations for K's bday party. I copped out - I printed out blocks w/ the info, and taped them into the invites.

At least that's done. Now to figure out snacks & non-water games for the kiddies. Anyone know of some good 5/6 y/o party games?

And the daily clicks )
Read [ profile] cazcatharsis's latest chapter of "Our Blessed Lady of Acceleration" (TF fic). hehe... about time. If you haven't checked this out through [ profile] tf2007fun or Caz's journal directly... well, get over there! (Het romance, a non-Sue OC, and holo!Bee & Jazz - and yes, Jazz is being a smart-ass Jazz).

Pt one if you haven't seen it: Our Blessed Lady of Acceleration or if it's protected - TF2007fun comm

and my cuties: )
Since this would be my 3rd post in the same day; and *I* am not thrilled by multiple posts on my f-page....

C&P'ing them together.

Voting for smexy holo!Jazz art ends today! See the RAWRpretty pictures!!!

HAPPY (late) BDAY [profile] red_wasabi  and [profile] ladyrhiannon873 

I'm sorry I almost forgot yer special day! )

Games Workshop/Warhmmer Fantasy battle news: )

and the daily "CLICK My Eggs Please" post.
vawitch: (Murphy-friend)
K's foot that he hurt bouncing around on Sun nite (liek a normal 6 y/o) was still hurting him thurs am. Bad enough he didn't want to go swimming. So off to daycare, me to work, til Dr office opened.
The sorta-dodge? I had to immediately turn back around & go back to Wdbrg, for Dr appt @ 10. Luckily, my mom was able to re-arrange her schedule to p/u K & meet me @ the Dr office. Construction on 95 I vaguely recalled did get me slowed down, and I wouldn't have made it in time.

Examined, poss stress fracture - off the Xray. 1/2 hr to fax, so we go to lunch. Finish lunch (1hr later), call Dr office - no xray, they'll request. I call @ 4pm, ask the Dr who saw K what she saw - she still doesn't have Xrays. She calls me back shortly; his foot's sprained - the other dodge.

Which would have been bad enough - except it's his dad's weekend - so I had to call the ex & explain what was going on. The putz sounded like either he wasn't getting why I was calling, or that I was incompetent. ah welp.

Oh well.

Now I gotta wait til little guy gets home Sun night - so I can name & breed mah dragons!
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Thanks for the clicks!


Aug. 6th, 2008 08:58 am
vawitch: (Murphy-friend)
got home yes'day - received a Txt Msg on my cell phone - didn't recognize the number. After txt'ing back "Who are you?" - I discovered that my ENTIRE address book had gone poof!

This after the spontaneous reboots that have been occuring w/ more frequency of late...

Luckily, the phone is under warranty - for 1 more day - so I reported the problem just in time. So now I have to go to a warranty store elsewhere in Wdbrg to get a replacement.

At least eggs are hatching...
Thanks for the clicks!

They're a-growin! )
for like the 4th week in a row - we had to power go off for a bit today @ the office... after having a surge earlier in the day...


On good news - got the DMV ban lifted on my car, so I'm re-registered & now won't lose sleep over car being towed while I sleep (unlike last year).

And to click the babies:

They're a-growin! )

*off to ninja click in between work*
ergh - things to do:
Click my eggs
More fun stuff )

OMG - I get to have fun this wkend - Mummy 3 w/ K & friends! (too bad it's starting to sound like it sucks).

Help a friend's eggs not die )

Just discovered snap links for FF - Oh MAN is it NICE!! (esp for mass-clicking dragons & eggs or AintItCoolNews).
Time for the periodic "please click here": My eggs

edit 2:00pm - got my first adult - yay!

and figuring out which Ortho dr to go to, to make sure back will be OK long-term. And have to make appts for K's school-physical as well as dentist for both him & myself. Which should be fun, since the only ppl who seem to go regularly to the dentists near me, theirs doesn't take my insurance.

Got a call from the insurance company...
On another note:
The initial eggs hatched...I have a matching pair - maybe I'll be luck & they'll be able to breed.

Mah scroll of eggs & hatchlings

And lastly: BSG goodies!! from SDCC - SciFi channel recorded their panel (all 1 hr of it - yay!) - hosted by Kevin Smith. Warning - NSFW audio - Smith has a frakking mouth on him.
My scroll, or you can click on the individual piccys...

*off to ninja click a couple more people*
  • F*$%$^&#$%@#$ company didn't get my 24 hrs called in for DDeposit *TWO* weeks ago. (7/11)
  • I get 1 check last Tuesday for partial hours. (and I wasn't the only one whose hours weren't reported by the acct mgr)
  • Another had to be cut for the rest... "should have by Tuesday" (7/15). - There was differing info if I would get paid for them (training)
  • I call Mgr last week say: I don't have.
  • Thursday (7/16): I have your check in hand. I will mail it to you. (hence I should have in my mailbox Fri or Sat)
  • Wed (7/23) night: shook ALL mail from prior week out, no check.
  • Thur 7/24: Leave msg. Get call back thurs pm : I have your check in my hand - never mailed.
  • Fri 7/25 - TWO weeks late!! - I have on my desk this am, go to cash (drawn on PNC - NOT my usual bank nor on my way to lunch or my bank) - that Acct = BoA account... so a NEW check has to be cut - which "although we don't normally do this" is going to be DHL'd out - and I should have in hand Monday.

I am out 1.5 hrs of lunch break f*ing with this, as well as $30 late fee for day care...thank the Gods I didn't write some daycare 2 wks ago before the paycheck was SUPPOSED to go in - cuz I don't wanna think about what my bank account would be looking like for that!

Just - omg.

Soo  - as soon as I have that check in my hand, I am writing to the regional VP - who stopped in during training to tell us: "You don't work for me, I work for you" Than dammit - PAY me for the hours I DO work!!!! Hard to believe w/ s* like this, that they're supposedly third largest in the US

Ah well... I'm off to hatch some eggs: My eggs



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