Recently, I've made the conscious decision to drink more water-based beverages. Such as Iced Tea, Water w/ either Koolaid singles or Crystal Light, etc.

And other than Iced Tea (which doesn't have enough to faze me most times), cutting back on the caffeine when not on guard-duty.

Have been doing this for about 5 days - and have already noticed some pants that were snug, fitting better - and for not having the caffeine, I'm not as tired as I have been during the workday.

Let me clarify - I can't stand water by itself. must.have.flavor (and no seltzer *shudders*) When pregnant, my Dr had to be happy getting me from zero servings/day to 4 (rec'd is 8-10). Partly cuz I'm at the front desk & couldn't go pee every 30min for 5 mins, partly cuz eww-water. I've been a take-any diet soda-over-water gal all my adult life.

I shoulda done this months ago. Has my caffeine increase over the past few years (single being single mom & broke, w/ addl 2-3jobs) really caused that much fluid to retain? O_O

Some of ya'll who've been on the weigh-coaster longer/more than me - thoughts?

eta: until about 6 mo ago, I also was drinking regular/sugar sodas - then switched to Coke Zero or Diet/Regular mix. I am hypoglycemic too.
Got CT scan, went to neurologist.

Yup, it looks like I'm having Wait for it.... )



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