well, I believe we're at the 7-8" mark at this time... earlier it was enough that 2 of our RIFTS players said they wouldn't feel comfortable being on the roads at that time. And after hitting Wegman's... yeah - don't blame them.

So now I have dinner + for the next few days, along w/ some work-food supplies. And snacks. :)

Amongst those snacks - from Safeway - White Chocolate Blueberry (product of Switzerland). OMG O_O yum! the chocolate wasn't as sweet as much of the "american" white chocolate (expected) but the blueberries... different but yummy.

Off to kill some fuglies in Azeroth now.
While continuing the Great Cleanout - which included swapping my spare room/office with the noisy Master Bedroom - the closets are continuing to slowly switch.

I came across a box of "figurines". I had an idea what some of the contents were, & put off to the side.

Tonight, I opened it pictures of happier memories here )
In unrelated to above news... my cat, who doesn't eat anything typical of cats, for a treat other than the *occasional* bit of milk or sliced Kraft cheese... is scarfing down dropped bits of chocolate-coated donettes O_o *wtf?*
Sounds silly, but I've been on a home-decorating show binge of late (silly, to a degree, b/c I rent an apartment, and most shows = homeowners, like we renters don't give a damn about what IS our home while we're living there, sigh). Mostly FLN: Christopher Lowell (though I liked his old show on TLC better), Closet Cases, and especially Mission: Organization.

Anyhow... between these, and finding my FlyLady (www.flylady.net) Control Journal, and *finally* being able to even consider getting rid of the last of the crap I had to bring from my marriage home... and yeah...

Decluttering is is full swing! )with "never a place" to put things on my sink...

I am down to *drum roll* )
Snagged from [livejournal.com profile] tyrrlin...

Not WWJD, but DBAD

His points are quite valid. My asshat (this witch's new favorite word) ex wondered why I always thanked the "service" person - I do it because I have BEEN that person on that side of the counter. Even when a mistake is made - if the serviceperson has a good attitude, I can be nice about asking it to be fixed. Give me attitude, I am not a Nice Customer - as I *know* what is expected on that side of the counter/phone/kitchen.

I'm quite active on the USAToday's Faith & Reason forum... got some hard-core Bible-thumpers, conservatives, as well as our share of gays, Wiccans & atheists and combinations thereof.

But I've also been blessed to have some good Christian friends - who walk the talk. We don't agree on certain points, but overall, have the same morals & values - it's only the religious basis/origin of those values that differ.

Job hunting

Aug. 6th, 2009 03:24 pm
I've applied for a job that looks like about as perfect a fit as I can hope for - both due to economy as well as my current & semi-outdated skills. It's for an entry-level FSO not far from home. Was contacted by a headhunter for it.

Please send prayers/wishes/energy this way - lately I'm not even finding positions that look like a good fit (need better clr, know some programs better or location sucks w/ a young child in daycare).

I need to quit this 2nd job BS... or at least retire it to on-call/extra cash status.
snagged w/ permission from [livejournal.com profile] naamah_darling

Major changes are being floated for the USPS.

Amongst them:
closing of many locations (dunno bout you, but in the DC-area Burbs, it's a bitch enough getting to it as it is)
*privatization* of services - which means who knows what kind of background checks will be required for those handling your VIPs? And knowing who you are & where you live?
presumably, increased prices (which, really, I wouldn't mind paying a bit more to the USPS now *gah - never thought I'd say that*)

Hearings (which do NOT have to be publicized), will occur around July 28 - alert your Congressional representatives!


eBay help

Jul. 1st, 2009 09:17 pm
Hoping someone who sells regularly can help me out. (or buys)

Sent a BotCon TF to a gent in Indiana. Free shipping, insurance *optional*. In text, says insurance not included, but available for addl fee.

Guess what? USPS Priority says it was delivered, gent says he never got the toy. I called USPS since tracking has to originate w/ sender - they say 'yup, it got delivered at X:XX time & nope - online indemnity coverage is only to protect if we mess up the box & contents are broken'.

Now I'm worried about what this guy will do. I don't have the $ to give back, nor should I (IMO) - I upheld my end, shipped, confirmed where in the system it was, and offered insurance.

Don't know about ya'll, but if I'm buying a $80 anything - esp a hard-if-not impossible to replace item, I'm getting insurance.

Thoughts, suggestions how to handle this dude?
Friday - saw Star Trek w/ my son - OMFG...*squee* )


May. 5th, 2009 03:17 pm
Note to self - do not write a will while at work. especially when you have a sweet son, good relationship w/ yer parents, and a lot of friends - both in person & online.

*wibbles in corner*
So since my company had some profit sharing :) I got some extra $$ in my paycheck (didn't know how much it'd be or exactly when) - on top of the slight CoL increase we got.

So - I went shopping. Household shopping; some stuff I'd been putting off either cuz I couldn't justify it on my limited funds, or that I'd been using & was unhappy w/ what I had. Recall that a good chunk of my household goods post-divorce were hand-me-downs. Great at the time & much better than nothing, but also already on the wearing-out side. Add 3 yrs, and you get the idea.

So got some additional/replacement knives based on what I've been going "grr - I wish I had X knife"; some refill cleaners & such; and w/ my newly-replaced FSA card, updated a bunch of meds that K uses (and some xover) plus my allergy meds - just in time for the massive warming & pollen release (yellow-green over silver car anyone?).

Then grocery shopping to grab items I wanted to price &/or easier than asking my folks to pickup. Man I love Wegman's - though their frozen entree section (Lean Cuisine, etc) sux.

Then on top of the counter wipe-down/cleanoff & floor sweep on Sat, I then vacuumed thru the house. And cleaned out the vacuum filters (eww). And changed sheets & started to pile up the Freecycle/Woodbridge comms posting.

Whew - I am beat, can't breathe, and hungry. Time to kick back and smack the shit outta some fuglies XD
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Learning more patience w/ my son, particularly since separating from my husband. Followed closely to tied by learning & accepting what make *me* happy -which is being a geekgirl who has intelligent conversation w/ males w/o anything sexual intended or expected. While I wouldn't mind a f*buddy, I really don't mind being single.
Though you may well have some info from your SO's or family member's experiences...Comment & question about birth control - cut to save guys' sensitivity hehehe )
Daycare teacher pulls me aside this morning.

DC: What does K's father have?
Me: Sarcoidosis. Why?
DC: Yesterday the kids were talking about what their parents did. When we asked K, his answer was:

K: He doesn't do nothin'. He has donassis.
DC: What about your stepmom?
K: She doesn't do nothin' either. She just screams and yells all the time.

me, today: ^_^ that's my kid. Had to tell him daddy couldn't help pledge for his reading program...lives in a houseful of ppl, but couldn't come up w/ $15 (or less if K doesn't make his time-goal) for his reading-challenged son.

Ah well..

Pt 2 (same day, apparently this child was on a lightbulb-moment roll), at my parents' house:

K: do you work Nana?
Mom: I work in the home (she's been a SAHM since... yea, forever)
K: Oh, so you work at home to pay the bills?
Me: She doesn't work outside the home like Mommy & Pop-pop. (explains Nana was SAHM, and does housework like Mommy has to instead of playing games).
K: Oh - so you work hard too - just not like Mommy.

me: XD
vawitch: (Murphy-friend)
Well, i missed [livejournal.com profile] cazcatharsis' awesome weekly show cuz..... oh wait - let me back up.

6:30 Wed after work, I go in to my usual place for a massage, Massage Envy. Usually they do a great job - tonight was a different therapist. From the get-go, I wasn't sure about his technique - not that it was bad, but wasn't working for me. THEN, I start feeling pain - like WTF?? Turns out he uses his fingertips for pressure, which means I was getting dug by his fingernails. And since this was at the beginning, there went to whole damn session.

7:45 Ate a decent bite @ Panera while checking mail on my Asus Eee mini-laptop.

8:30 Then went to pick up my son K. 1) came from a different direction than I have before 2) was dark 3) the road-expansion project didn't bother to put barrels to denote the turn-interesection this time. So I turned too soon, thinking I was just going on dirt.

Result? I came to a sudden halt, w/ my entire front end & tires catching air

for 2 hours

8:55 call the ex, explain the sit.

9:25 Ask F to hold onto K & put him to bed, and we were waiting for the police to arrive to stop traffic so dad could try to pull my car-aft back the way I came - which means he could've been T-boned... then possibly a tow-truck, didn't know yet.

F: Why don't we wait a half-hour?
Me: Because at best case, that means K goes to bed an hour and a half past his bedtime. Did you get my email?
F: His report card, something about reading?
Me: Yea - where his test scores indicate he's only doing 34% of where he should be... he obviously needs to get his sleep, since being tired won't help.
F: I dunno - wait, I gotta go, I got a baby crying -click-

So my mom (bless my parents) leaves to get her car, comes back to pick up K, who's passed out, F has to carry him to her car, & he passes out again. In time to come back to the road where the towtruck is trying to line up w/ my car...(I went w/ her, cuz she didn't know where F lives). Even better? 2 - count em - TWO - cars passed me, incl one who also made the turn a bit short, and went down the road F lives (w/o stopping to ask if I needed help of course). Guess what I saw when I arrived @ F's MIL's house?? YUP - the 2 cars... it must've been Bunco night or something...

So 11pm rolls around before my son's in bed. $125 in towing (there goes my cat-deposit refund), and *very* cold feet.

At least massage-induced relaxation didn't go to waste :p
Well, the move is done - the only thing left @ old place is the walk-through. THAT was supposed to happen last week - but the damn manager told me that if I changed the elec & water over to them, THEY'LL charge me anyhow (and of course, I'd have to take their word for it or fight for a copy of the bill). Turn in my keys while I'm still responsible for utilities?? I don't f*in think so!!! So now walk-thru is on Jan 31. Only 3 more days!!!

New place is doing well - looks like the Borax is killing the ant problem finally. Ants, if you didn't know, is the one bug-issue I have. Ants outside = fine. Ants in my house = MUST DIE. I'll save crickets, big spiders, etc. But if you're a roach, silverfish or an ant - you're screwed. Oh, and the HVAC is debatable... as in, the furnace doesn't feel very hot when directly touched, and the air @ vent-level is kinda lukewarm.

But I HAS SPACE now. I'd forgotten how firm my furniture-set began, as the loveseat has gotten mushy from 3 yrs of sitting while the chair, which has never been in a position to be used much - can actually be sat in to watch TV.

Got an extra shift for guard duty this Sat night. Ironically, I asked ex to watch K overnight. He said yes. then called back a few hours later to ask to take K for the day - for an audition. Seems ex has delusions of grandeur that our son can be a model or actor. A model, I'll grant as a possibility; when he was younger I had some prof photogs ask if I'd considered it (need to post a pic, I know). An actor - let's just say the child needs to work on his memorization (lost 2 pairs of gloves in 1 week, and the 2nd pair was to replace the first one!), and his direction-following skills (several examples).

So now I don't have to feel guilty/do a favor for the ex to get a shift.

Life plugs along LOL Oh - and the guard-boss said he'll put me in for an upgrade so I can work at a site, $27.50/hr :) and said upgrade will improve my prospects for finding a replacement primary job too. *requests good vibes to come for new job*
The move out of old 2BR into new 3BR has been completed. All that is left to do @ old is cleanup, shampoo (getting ChemDry out on Tues), and cutoff of utilities.

New place is unpacking... then vacuuming - which is doubly needed as it appears the prior tenants vacated right before I moved in... carpet not vacuumed nor shampooed, and several little things (screens missing or torn & MstrBath shower rod not attached) not done.

But all of my belongings are with me, the LR is almost unpacked to the point of fine-placement, and K's room is set up how I want, and MBR is mostly setup...though not much usable other than a toilet & bed :)

Oh - and I discovered that COMCAST should kiss my ass - they said neither of my boxes would work, nor my modem til they came out on Tuesday... so far, so good.

And I've discovered ANTS (my one critter phobia if in my home)....mom helped me break out the Borax in the bathroom & preventative in the pantry.

We'll see what happens.

Now to phase 2 - figuring out where to put things now that I have SPACE :) And continuing to ditch things I don't want/truly need via FreeCycle, the local selling-sister of Freecycle, and donations.

Anyone want sz 2-4T boys clothes XD

eta: if I have a beta for you (3 ppl that I see in my beta-mail-folder lol) - now that the bulk of the madness is over with, you should see turnaround during the week. Arte - you are not forgotten hon :) )
Got CT scan, went to neurologist.

Yup, it looks like I'm having Wait for it.... )
Went well; the position as described sounds like a good match - I'd use what I know, and learn what I don't. Company is very pro-training. Family friendly.

They'll finish interviewing early next week, and hope to have offer & acceptance by next Friday.

We'll see!!



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