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I most certainly will confront them! And while I am more likely to do so if it directly offends me, I'm fairly likely to do so if I see another take offense. Considering I appear WASP, but am LGBT friendly (and exploring that path) and also a Wiccan... ummm yeah. Not much might be *apparent* most of the time, but bigotry & prejudice, in any form, makes me hot under the collar. Even those who I am not close to due to their specific personal choices - I'll defend the basis for them making the choice I don't agree with :)
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Well, considering that I converted - more accurately, discovered - Wicca after being raised Eastern (Russian) Orthodox... I already have. As to future converting? Unlikely. Even as casually as I observe Sabbats & Esbats now, I am aware of them, and try hard to at least send up a prayer of thanks & acknowledgment to the Lady & Lord. If this doesn't "work" for me down the road, I'll become agnostic. Thus far in my spiritual journeys, I've yet to find a mainstream that seems like a better fit, and I haz izzues with someone saying this is the "only right" way to Deity.

Hopefully, my son will feel much the same - and I will support him in his eventual choice, as long as he doesn't start vilifying others that aren't on the same path.



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