Worked guard duty at the BAE sauna... which wasn't too bad thanks to Hanna blowing through. Although had some interesting drama when a noticeable leak appeared in a room full of *BIG* UPSs... on the other hand, didn't have to do a couple of outdoor rounds.

Finally got to get another fun MC ride in - part of Skyline Drive, and through Harrisonburg for lunch. It was my 2nd ride for my Road Captain rocker - I got to lead a group of 6 bikes. Got several compliments, and my tailgunner said he would relay to the head Captain that I deserved my rocker at the next meeting I made. YAY!!

ON a side note - wore my patched bike vest (thanks Dad!) - and got sunburn on my neck & chest (oops). Put sunscreen on my face - didn't even think about lower bits. Got a perfect V on my chest...sigh...

And cuz of all this fun (work screwed my sleep schedule something aweful) - I forgot to post my dragons on the usual place! And now 2 of them are running out of time...
**Adopt one today!**Adopt one today!**Adopt one today!
**Adopt one today!


Oct. 28th, 2006 02:12 pm
Got on my bike for the first time in over 2, almost 3 wks - damn it felt good. Was fun watching clouds roll by - really dark, wondered if the sky was going to open up on me. Luckily, had on both leathers - jacket & chaps, so it wouldn't have been too bad.

Bike's legal for a while. Gotta wait about 4 wks (more like 2-3) to get my personalized ones. :)

Gotta chill & look @ jobs til RIFTS.



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