A friend sent me this link...well, to the first one... then it kinda ran away with me )

and a few that's so true for MMORPGs... )
So since my company had some profit sharing :) I got some extra $$ in my paycheck (didn't know how much it'd be or exactly when) - on top of the slight CoL increase we got.

So - I went shopping. Household shopping; some stuff I'd been putting off either cuz I couldn't justify it on my limited funds, or that I'd been using & was unhappy w/ what I had. Recall that a good chunk of my household goods post-divorce were hand-me-downs. Great at the time & much better than nothing, but also already on the wearing-out side. Add 3 yrs, and you get the idea.

So got some additional/replacement knives based on what I've been going "grr - I wish I had X knife"; some refill cleaners & such; and w/ my newly-replaced FSA card, updated a bunch of meds that K uses (and some xover) plus my allergy meds - just in time for the massive warming & pollen release (yellow-green over silver car anyone?).

Then grocery shopping to grab items I wanted to price &/or easier than asking my folks to pickup. Man I love Wegman's - though their frozen entree section (Lean Cuisine, etc) sux.

Then on top of the counter wipe-down/cleanoff & floor sweep on Sat, I then vacuumed thru the house. And cleaned out the vacuum filters (eww). And changed sheets & started to pile up the Freecycle/Woodbridge comms posting.

Whew - I am beat, can't breathe, and hungry. Time to kick back and smack the shit outta some fuglies XD
Ok. Now that I've updated my over-one-year out of date WOW files, and the move... we're coming back to WOW

Who's on what team on what server?? :)

Currently (well, in next couple of days), I am Alliance on Medievh, Shenxxxxx - meaning Shenshen, Shenstalker (hunter), Shenzapper(?) son's warlock...etc.
What server/side are you on? And is it US or other? Timezone?

I'm contemplating getting back into WOW, and I find I enjoy the MMORPGs more when I have RL or net-friends to play with (EverQuest & DAoC previously).



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