I beta for a bunch of lovely ladies... and I haven't asked for anything in return except patience when RL gets busy.

Given the way I've been Murphy's B* of late... I need a pick-me-up.

Anyone willing to write up a Springer/Hot Rod(or Rodimus)/Arcee smut-fic?? at least PG13 level? Them & Bee/Spike/Carly have been my OT3 since... yea, 1986 OMG what a long time to be a robo-perv

Anyone(s) willing to help a gal out?
Was up to date when I left the office Fri afternoon @ 4pm... read Fri nite til 10:30ish...

I log on tonite to read for the first time (was a fairly good girl @ work today hehe): I'm scrolling back to .../friends?skip=240 before I hit new stuff....

Hmmm - filters may become my friend for a few days...

And if I'm a beta for you - please, give me thru the weekend to get your chappy's back to you. I've been sleep deprived for 2 weeks (quantity of sleep means squat w/o quality). And this residual ache from the accident is making me feel like :p
Was having a nice IM chat w/  [personal profile] sakon76  about the various TF fics I've been beta'ing lately. And apparently, I've been helping to massage some of her faves. Considering that I like her Twin Terrors, and Harder Better Faster Stronger (one of my faves) as well as several other one-shots or mini-series, that was nice.

Course, I love helping others w/ idea-bouncing... apparently I can't write original TF fic worth a damn, but I can edit well (and fast, most of the time hehe).

I really should make a list of the fics I've proofed... since I keep getting asked & I offer (what can I say, I'm a glutton, and pride myself on not letting things slip to other author-fans).

And I am going to BotCon! yay!

*edit - yup, I'm a glutton - I'm participating in Dragon*Con discussions about panels again... if I make it there esp w/o little one in tow - I'll be speaking again... fans to fans...



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