Anyone know of a site I could use for a private auction?

Looks like there is either a SG Ravage or Glit (using Ravage mold) as one of the show-exlcusives for this year's botcon.

I don't have any SG left, and his pkg-buddy seems to have interest (Uni HOUND = G2 Scorch).

As I know there are several cassette lovers amongst me LJfriends, I'd like to offer first dibs to ya'll.

Any idea how I can do that? eBarf doesn't seem to have it anymore.
I AM SEEKING FOLKS TO TRANSFER ROOMS TO! If I release the rooms, they're no longer available at the Con discount. Feel free to point ppl in my direction. My email is myrrhibis at yahoo. com The only cost would be if there's a transfer fee - never heard of one, but I wouldn't be surprised in this economy.

Also, for those who aren't real clear about park pricing, eating & attractions, check out this great guide (food looks to be only a little more than I'd planned for): Kirkimus Prime's Walt Disney World Quick Guide

Seriously - I have 2 rooms held right now, and no confirmed (or even mebbe-let it get closer) roomies.

I need to know how many rooms & ppl are interested. I have them Thur night-Monday right now, as I didn't know when I could get a flight back. They're at the Dolphin (where BC is).

Otherwise it's time for me to start begging bed or even futon-space.

If you have a room to share, and no bodies to fill it for TFCon or BotCon - check out [ profile] tf_rooms 
Looking around on LJ, I didn't see a comm for BotCon, w/ the intention of guest updates & especially room-finding, a la [ profile] dragonconrooms. Am thinking of making one - would anyone be interested in such a thing?

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Apr. 30th, 2009 02:11 pm
Ok folks: It's now down to less than a month away *happy dance & bouncing may commence*

Who else is going to BotCon? And for those pre-reg'd - the Paramount Party?

Feel free to toss your LJ friends this way/link if you like. I don't think there's anything "open" I'm embarrassed about lol.
*sakon- got yer papers*
From a friend:

AS far was what Brain Salvage wrote to me in his brief answer as to why west coast this year. He wrote" This will be the largest turnout of attendees in BotCon history. Wait and see the details. Also, we will pick up West Coast dealers who go to Comic Con and being on the WC we will have a large number of Japanese that will come over with big bucks. Wait until you see what is going to happen at the show. It has taken a long time to work this out because of the special events + being west, we will be able to get guests that have NEVER been to a show as they won't travel."

Sounds formulaic, but who knows? And reg/schedules should appear in a few weeks.

Feel free to speculate. Please remember, this is NOT official. But my source has known FunPub since FP took over BotCon. Sounds like a canned/PR type of thing, but not necessarily false.

Should I post this on tf2007fun & tf80sfun? As this BC will spotlight TF2:RotF, and 25th ann of the 1984 launch of TFs.
Megs/Roddy: $220 + ship; PayPal ok, no fees
Sideswipe/Blurr: $140 + ship; PP ok, no fees

Feel free to contact me or [ profile] tfrework, and spread the news. There are sets, and a few MR or SB sets. He also has 1 boxed complete set - but dunno price on that.
Who else from my F-list is going?
Was having a nice IM chat w/  [personal profile] sakon76  about the various TF fics I've been beta'ing lately. And apparently, I've been helping to massage some of her faves. Considering that I like her Twin Terrors, and Harder Better Faster Stronger (one of my faves) as well as several other one-shots or mini-series, that was nice.

Course, I love helping others w/ idea-bouncing... apparently I can't write original TF fic worth a damn, but I can edit well (and fast, most of the time hehe).

I really should make a list of the fics I've proofed... since I keep getting asked & I offer (what can I say, I'm a glutton, and pride myself on not letting things slip to other author-fans).

And I am going to BotCon! yay!

*edit - yup, I'm a glutton - I'm participating in Dragon*Con discussions about panels again... if I make it there esp w/o little one in tow - I'll be speaking again... fans to fans...
Well, color me hooked on LJ... although not for the reasons one might think. I've gotten hooked cuz of the fanfiction communities for TF & TMNT.

I am such a smut-lover... and thank goodness I've gotten over my squick factor on slash, at least mech-slash... good stuff is out there once you get over genders.

On the other hand, life's staying interesting. Still waiting for final divorce, got a decent job, great friends, wonderful kid (need to u/l his spring pic, Gods he's a cutie).

AND I'M HEADED TO BOTCON!!!!!!!!! Woohoo! 3.5 days of talking w/ other TF geeks, without being looked at like I need to grow the F up :) PLUS, I get to see the TF Movie on Thursday (which, since they bumped the premiere day to Monday, isn't quite as cool as it was when it was a week ahead of release).

Now, I just gotta start pulling shifts at JCP, so I can save for D*C...

More thoughts to come :)



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