Mom told me that there's a massive "voluntary" recall of many common children's medicines:

Infant & Children's liquid Tylenol
Infant & Children's liquid Motrin
Children's Zyrtec (Liquid)
Children's Benedryl (Liquid)

They're offering refund of avg price, or coupon for replacement when the product becomes avail again. further info in here )
When you're trying to get pledges & stuff....

dS is having a reading-pledge week. 300min, in return for PTCO pledges of $15+... and due to having A) small family, B)an ex who doesn't work, and C)several close friends who are barely supporting themselves or have family-medical bills...

I gotta try to come up w/ 10 ppl or 5+$30 from my pocket... yick...

Parenting iz hord
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PARENT - Job Description )
WOW! Where do I begin???

My parents, Kian, & myself, Sunday evening show. Was stage-left, a little more than 1/2 way back. Still had a great view.

Circle of Life starts up - "animals" come down the aisles.  We saw Gazelle Company touring group. What was particularly of note, was that nearly all of the principals, either do a fantastic job of lip-synching to film-sound-footage, or a pre-requisite is that Thou Shalt Sound Like the Disney Film. While Mustafa wasn't quite as low as James Earl Jones' movie-Mustafa, was still pretty damn impressive.  And we agreed that show-Zazu (the bird) was more well-rounded & funnier (even references "well that wasn't in the movie"). The puppets for the various animals - just - WOW. (note: the 13' x 11+' Elephant - folds down to 37" big - cool!)

Kian loved it, and stayed awake - on my lap so he could see - even after being in the sun fishing w/ his dad earlier in the day. He'd been so tired earlier, that while at dinner in the posh Terrace Restaurant @ the KC, he finally put his napkin on himself like a blanket, leaned over, and slept on the arm of the chair - and didn't budge for a good 30+ minutes.

Lion King will become a show that I intend to see every other year, both for $ as well as to keep the magic of the experience alive. I've seen CATS 3x @ National Theater, and 1x @ a dinner theater - and because they've been spaced out, each time is almost as good as the first. If you get a chance to go - especially with children - do it! It's powerful, beautiful, and many, many laughs.
Friday, I get the call from Allstate - they'll accept liability.

This am, I get their assessment - $1300; about $300 parts, rest is (mostly) paint labor.

Got a co-worker to recommend 2 places in Wdbrg he's used over the years, and a 3rd near Garrisonville his new wife has used for about 8 by her & her 2 daughters (who are a bit under my age). So I'll call them tomorrow & see what rough estimate they can give based on the line items - maybe I can save some $

Back is doing better - it comes & goes now. I'm giving it til mid-week. Then I'll have to think about another Dr visit to get P.T. referral - wheeeee

And the ex is getting re-hitched over Father's Day weekend (I think it is). His new bride's - definitely at least 3 baby daddies - she's been pregnant 10 times & only carried 4 to live-birth. Of those 4, 1 was given to family to raise, and the other - the boy I knew of - was taken by his father & she has visitation...

Great family to bring our son into, F.

And K went to a blessing for his sister - at a LDS church... had so much "fun" he informed me tonight that "God has a father"... I had to correct him, and mention the Goddess...

Thank goodness Midsummer is around the corner - looks like I'll have to start the counter-programming a bit earlier than I'd planned.

*edit - thanks for ppl going LTS?? what church izzat?-oops
Granted, some (his eyes) are from his daddy... but yea...

Recent pic from Kindergarden.

Beams like a proud Momma. 
♠ List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
♠ Tag seven people to do the same.
♠ Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever wants to do it.


1) I must have a book with me - no matter what I'm doing, or who I'm with.

2) Said book will be popped open whenever I have a moment to read... which amazes tfrework & co. to no end.

3) The cleanliness of my home is directly proportional to my stress level - the cleaner it is, the more stress (especially anger) I have. (or I've just hit my mess-threshold)

4) Since I'm female, and looks like I'll only have my one child - a delightful boy - in this lifetime, I am SOOOOO glad that I have "guy" interests to share with him. I have gleefully converted him into a fan of TFs (G1 & movie), TMNT, Gargoyles, and Voltron. His father has gotten him into D&D - currently the cartoon, but as he gets older, he will be initiated into the crazy wonderful world of P&P RPGs (he already plays WoW).

5) I have some knowledge about far too many things - as evidenced that people in my immediate circle dread playing Trivia Pursuit w/ me, and I can usually hold my own w/ the NTN/bar trivia games.

6) Am amazed that I have been this blessed w/ the family & friends that I do have. This past 1.5 yrs, especially (since my split), I just don't know what I would do w/o them all. And I need to take more time to thank them & do something for them in return...

7) I get gung-ho into a hobby or interest for about 6 mo to a yr, then don't touch it for months on end. Unfortunately, I seem to get into things that the "time-off" makes it hard to get back into (WHF), or it would just take too damn much work to get back to the old status (DAoC & WoW).

Whew - that's done!

Tag, you're it :)
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Well, I've seen it twice at National Theatre - and WOW! for a dinner theatre, this show was awesome!! Food isn't as good as Lazy Susan, taste-wise nor selection, but show/set/quality of the theatre part was MUCH better - and about the same price.

Back story for this production is that the set is rented from the Broadway company, and this is 1st time CATS has been put on in VA @ a DT; Riverside in Fredericksburg is at top of list for Les Mis when the right open up in 2008.

Here are some pics: Munkustrap (the leader), Grizabella, Mr Mistofoles (OMG - I hope this young man (22) goes far w/ his dancing)& Sillabub, and Mungojerrie & Rumpleteaser (who's a spunky minx). Also, my niece Amber w/ her favorite cat, Griz - and I wouldn't be surprised if that's her in a few years.

Had dinner w/ Mom for her 58th Bday @ Olive Garden. Whole family was there. Went well, Kian behaved. Damn my boy looks good. Course, rest of the family ain't bad either LOL



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