I have a good friend who just went on bed-rest last week for preclampsia (high BP while pregnant).

Her hubby just posted in his LJ that she's been admitted. If it doesn't come down, they'll have to induce @ just under 29 weeks.

Goddess keep her & her little one safe & healthy.
Especially w/ the internet

Tuesday I get an email from a strange addy w/ the subject line of Okami, asking if it was a good email addy for Okami... which was my handle on many BBS & websites in the mid-late 90s.

Turns out it was SYPDER from Crystal Quill!!!! Who I'd lost touch with after he was deployed overseas for USAF. And as we only had a few mutual friends outside the board, I'd lost track of him.

Lo & behold, he was in the DC area for a work-related seminar, and viola! Got together for dinner, and talked. We each filled in on who we'd kept in touch with, or had heard about. He hadn't changed overly much, since it had been eleven years since he'd left.

Talk about funny!
[personal profile] straya !!!!!
Happy bday to you both, my friends!!
♠ List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
♠ Tag seven people to do the same.
♠ Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever wants to do it.


1) I must have a book with me - no matter what I'm doing, or who I'm with.

2) Said book will be popped open whenever I have a moment to read... which amazes tfrework & co. to no end.

3) The cleanliness of my home is directly proportional to my stress level - the cleaner it is, the more stress (especially anger) I have. (or I've just hit my mess-threshold)

4) Since I'm female, and looks like I'll only have my one child - a delightful boy - in this lifetime, I am SOOOOO glad that I have "guy" interests to share with him. I have gleefully converted him into a fan of TFs (G1 & movie), TMNT, Gargoyles, and Voltron. His father has gotten him into D&D - currently the cartoon, but as he gets older, he will be initiated into the crazy wonderful world of P&P RPGs (he already plays WoW).

5) I have some knowledge about far too many things - as evidenced that people in my immediate circle dread playing Trivia Pursuit w/ me, and I can usually hold my own w/ the NTN/bar trivia games.

6) Am amazed that I have been this blessed w/ the family & friends that I do have. This past 1.5 yrs, especially (since my split), I just don't know what I would do w/o them all. And I need to take more time to thank them & do something for them in return...

7) I get gung-ho into a hobby or interest for about 6 mo to a yr, then don't touch it for months on end. Unfortunately, I seem to get into things that the "time-off" makes it hard to get back into (WHF), or it would just take too damn much work to get back to the old status (DAoC & WoW).

Whew - that's done!

Tag, you're it :)
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Well, as usual, this is several days late... my SHE (Sidetracked Home Executives) syndrome is kicking in (www.flylady.net).

Columbus weekend, I flew down to GA to visit obandirk; as an added bonus, his sister & BIL were present as well - hopefully next time, will be for a happier occasion (I wish I had met Woody - he seemed to have been a fine human being & humanity is lesser for his passing).

Met a new friend (?) squirrelpaw - awesome set of pipes - if more music was "common" syncopation, she & my sister (cheyannew) would just totally knock folks' socks off LOL.

Met some family - always nice to be welcomed, even if situations suck (a few peo*ex*ple could learn a thing or two).

Doggies - damn they're big; but moondog's a sweetie - maybe I can get a pic of Kian on her :)

More later



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