Saw the 9pm showing of TF:DotM on Tuesday.

SO GOOOOOODDDD. Worth the $17.25 for IMAX 3D.

Bay didn't lie about an item.

And this film proves there are 2 constants in the TF universe: Optimus Prime will die & come back at least once and that Sentinel Prime cut for semi-spoilers )

For those that read the novelization - there are some changes. Overall - changes I liked. One involving Megs I'm still undecided about.

And Whitney/Carly - slightly less vapid than Mikaela. The hotness factor gets a good one-liner from Sam's mom.

Overall, not a bad way for the series to go out. One death pissed me the fuck off... and I will happily ignore it, and hope fanfic writers do as well.

Also - for those that have written some fic about Cybertron's current state or location... gods I feel bad I can't recall who/title... Macx_larabee or Sakon76 I believe... you didn't have it wrong.

Now I have to go hop to some boards & LJ comms to happily squee.
OMFG!! Saw it @ midnight w/ L.

Originality? Not really. Was that promised? No.

The promise was a visual masterpiece. Did it deliver? Oh Gods YES

I will be seeing again w/ the parents. Probably the last time I see it in theaters, just due to the price. At least I will be able to watch in HD & Blu-ray beauty. Sadly, my TV will seem entirely too small for this gorgeous film.

Mr. Cameron, I salute you. And I will be anxiously waiting word of future trips to Pandora.

The gist can easily be found on the Net. I will say that the world of Pandora, and the basic conflict is timeless (especially when humans are involved) - and both are the type of SciFi my dad got me into over 25 years ago. I'm only sad that my first viewing wasn't w/ the person who got me into thinking beyond human supremacy & began thinking "what ifs".
I was sooo jonzed to see Star Trek in IMAX @ my local AMC. Having only seen 1 other IMAX film, at the A&S Annex in Chantilly (Transformers 07), I had nothing to compare it to. And since The Dark Knight came out before the theater was ready, nothing's come out I wanted to pay the extra $5 for.

So I went to see Star Trek in "IMAX" at Potomac Mills 15, Woodbridge VA.

Whenever there wasn't lots of actions happening, that your eye is trying to focus on, I easily noticed "square pixels", or what others call a screen-door effect. Either way - distracting.

Upon reading this article @, it would appear my eyes were NOT deceiving me.

From now on, since I'm picky about what I'm coughing extra $ for on movies - I'll budget my time & gas to go to the A&S Annex. For an evening show, it is (before $2) shipping the same price per ticket at Chantilly as Potomac. It is a bit more expensive for kids & seniors... but you get the proper experience. The flipside is - no concessions @ Chantilly. Ah well - for most films, no big deal. I'll eat & drink before & after, and have gum or mints handy to keep my throat from being dry.
Friday - saw Star Trek w/ my son - OMFG...*squee* )
OMFG - count me JONZED for Wolverine next year!!!
from SDCC:

Part 1

Part 2
edited: damn - the SUITS got a hold of it... not surprising... that + TR2N (aka Tron 2) which was floating around - both look GOOD.



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