This chick plans to Rattle the Runway on Sunday )

I went to the Pentagon Memorial the night it opened... I shall never forget.
Barely for VA, but Obama has been called. US Sen is Dem, and my local US Rep is now Dem (thank the Gods!)

History has been made, folks! And I was alive to witness, and participate!! :)
i don't normally pipe up in my LJ about politics, but given that I am a minority religion, I have *issues* with the GOP... glad to see the "average" American isn't the only one...

Colin Powell endorses (but not stumping for) Obama

I am glad to hear this news. It's good that while Powell adressed the race = vote issue, he did not harp on it - instead pointing to his opinion while McCain is a good choice, Palin & the politics of the GOP is not. Personally, I think McCain is the better choice - but since both Palin and the GOP's politics came part & parcel - I am running in the opposite direction (I don't think that Obama is bad, per se - but a little more experience on Senate committees would be nice - but that's what an experienced VP & Cabinet is for!).

Really - when did we suck out & make it that the Pres & VP had to be from the same party? talk about *having* to reach across the aisle to get things done... sigh...



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