Saw the 9pm showing of TF:DotM on Tuesday.

SO GOOOOOODDDD. Worth the $17.25 for IMAX 3D.

Bay didn't lie about an item.

And this film proves there are 2 constants in the TF universe: Optimus Prime will die & come back at least once and that Sentinel Prime cut for semi-spoilers )

For those that read the novelization - there are some changes. Overall - changes I liked. One involving Megs I'm still undecided about.

And Whitney/Carly - slightly less vapid than Mikaela. The hotness factor gets a good one-liner from Sam's mom.

Overall, not a bad way for the series to go out. One death pissed me the fuck off... and I will happily ignore it, and hope fanfic writers do as well.

Also - for those that have written some fic about Cybertron's current state or location... gods I feel bad I can't recall who/title... Macx_larabee or Sakon76 I believe... you didn't have it wrong.

Now I have to go hop to some boards & LJ comms to happily squee.
It's all [ profile] ryagelle's fault - darn TransFanGrrl. It coulda been worse I suppose )
Preview of Spotlight: Sideswipe

story page 4 - all I'll say is IDW is continuing to take canon & turn it on its ear.

x-posted to a few spots.
I beta for a bunch of lovely ladies... and I haven't asked for anything in return except patience when RL gets busy.

Given the way I've been Murphy's B* of late... I need a pick-me-up.

Anyone willing to write up a Springer/Hot Rod(or Rodimus)/Arcee smut-fic?? at least PG13 level? Them & Bee/Spike/Carly have been my OT3 since... yea, 1986 OMG what a long time to be a robo-perv

Anyone(s) willing to help a gal out?
Thanks to a Stargate list I am on, that had posted info about Garry Chalk (SG = Russian Col. Chekov in charge of the Russian SGC, TF = voice of Optimus Prime in Beast Wars/Machines, RiD & A/E/C, as well as a LOT of other things) being hurt last week. He slipped on ice walking his dogs... from there

Geeking out - my first tfw news credit - considering I've been on there for like 2 years. I'm really surprised this didn't pop up sooner, as it happened on Feb 15.

( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )

TF 4Koma - At the Movies
by *kichigai on deviantART
Which G1 Transformer are you?
Autobot - You are most like Ironhide. (Alternate mode - Red Van) Your as tough as nails. As Optimus Primes bodyguard and oldest friend, the other bots know not to cross you, but you also have a soft side. Also, not all the bots recognize you for what you are because of your age and constant need for repairs. Too bad you get shot multiple times in the chest only to get your whole head blown to shreds in the 86' movie by Megatrons cannon.
Backstory: G1, Quints made the TF's, Primus gave them sentience, they fought back, life was good, next-gens "forgot" about their 'true' origins - then per IDW Megatron: Origins, society got corrupted & Megs fought back.

Title: Shadows of the Past, Light of the Future
Ch1(A): Homecoming
Rating: PG+ (will get smutty later)
Pairing: none here
All recognizable characters & names are property of HasTak & IDW, possibly Marvel or DW. All others are mine.
Summary: Not all femmes stayed on Cybertron during the war, and not all picked a side.

Shadows of the Past, Light of the Future

Chapter 1-A– Homecoming

Looking over his shoulder the young comm officer said, “Sir, I’ve picked up an unidentified craft, heading towards Cybertron. Its profile is similar to Cyclonus’, but it’s a good bit bigger.”

“On screen.” A sleek craft, vaguely reminiscent of the Decepticon lieutenant, appeared on the long-range sensor screen. While no weapons were apparent, the viewer had no doubt that the ship had them. “Hmm, that’s a bit different than before…” he muttered to himself.

“Sir, it’s requesting permission to land,” the mech replied. Listening to whatever was coming over his comm, “It’s…no, she’s asking to land on the VIP pad… code LC0013.”

Tapping into the frequency, the officer heard a voice as sleek as the ship it came from. “This is the Stellar Darkness, requesting permission to land on Iacon pad 001, ident code LC0013. Iacon central, please respond.”

“Well, well, if that ain’t a voice to start my day with! It’s been too long, Rider!”

Laughter came back over the radio. “Blaster! It’s great to hear you too! I’d wondered where you’d holed up. After all, staying silent was never your best attribute. Got any new songs to share?”

“Oh, yea – I got bunches. A whole new world that loves music; makin’ it & shakin’ it. You got your other playmates there?”

A snicker could be heard on the radio. “You’re lucky none of them are on the bridge yet to hear that”, she replied. “I look forward to catching up. Now, where can I set this ship down?”

“Pad 001 is cleared for ya. Just watch out for the humans… err… little peeps, when you get out.”

“Understood. We’ll see you soon. Waverider out.”

With a grin on his faceplate, Blaster turned to a different frequency. Now this should be interesting. “Blaster to Optimus Prime. Come in Boss-man!”

“Optimus Prime here.”

“Prime, thought you’d like to know that the Stellar Darkness is about to land on pad numero-uno.”

“The Darkness?”

“Yup – and others are onboard, too.”

“Understood. Notify the other members of the command staff, and Spike as well. I want him to meet the crew.”

“You got it Prime!” Catching the confusion on the young comm officer’s face, Blaster just grinned wider. “You are gonna be witness to history, kiddo.” And with that, he bounced out of his chair, making calls to the other staff members while heading to the landing pad.



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