Mar. 8th, 2010

3/8/10 Don't Tease Me Bro!
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I wouldn't say often, depending on the person doing the teasing. Some, such as my ex, and a former acquaintance, would often go too far. Most of the people I associate with, know the line (in general as well as my fairly long fuse). I have - usually a "joke" about infidelity, Wiccans/Witches, or more recently homosexuality. I don't mind jokes about any of the above - but some are in *really* poor taste, or folks will get on a roll - and some really just never should have been shared in the first place.

And a handful of times I've been told I'd hurt someone. I don't do a lot of teasing, and usually it's just a comment & moved on. Usually I have hurt someone's feelings if I continued the teasing beyond a comment or two.

3/7/10 Best Book ever!
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Nope - cuz within the first 1-3 chapters, my brain has helpfully supplied the overall storyline, and often sequence highlights, if not also which other books characters appear in/author has written. I seldom re-read books, unless it's to refresh my brain prior to reading a new book in a series that had been on hiatus.

3/5/10 Raining cats or dogs?
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I strongly prefer cats - though mostly for living w/ me. I don't mind dogs, as long as they aren't mine, and listen to basic commands. I prefer cats due to living a busy life )



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