Sep. 4th, 2009 12:34 pm
Got an offer for the position I interviewed for almost 2 wks ago. I've accepted.

I have an interview next Wed am, for a position that sounds as interesting, posting-wise. Given the location, I don't want to pass up - based on my feel from the interview, and how fast they respond (if at all), I'll go from there.

Either position = trekking into DC for a regular job for the first time in 15 yrs of professional work. +15 mins to commute, but the accepted position has some wiggle-room for entry time (so officially, I'll leave it @ 8:30 like I've had for the past 4.5 yrs, but will aim for earlier - which I've been having success on).

I canceled the 3rd interview... would have been contracted to a cool place to be - but the description was NOT something I really wanted to do, and was a contract w/ only guarantee thru Dec 2010. Only reason I even contemplated was that the location = cool possibilities, and getting foot in the door in admin meant working w/ security.

Job hunting

Aug. 6th, 2009 03:24 pm
I've applied for a job that looks like about as perfect a fit as I can hope for - both due to economy as well as my current & semi-outdated skills. It's for an entry-level FSO not far from home. Was contacted by a headhunter for it.

Please send prayers/wishes/energy this way - lately I'm not even finding positions that look like a good fit (need better clr, know some programs better or location sucks w/ a young child in daycare).

I need to quit this 2nd job BS... or at least retire it to on-call/extra cash status.
Went well; the position as described sounds like a good match - I'd use what I know, and learn what I don't. Company is very pro-training. Family friendly.

They'll finish interviewing early next week, and hope to have offer & acceptance by next Friday.

We'll see!!
For a company in Chantilly; the base/home office in NY has gotten selected as a best place to work; and awarded Family-friendly by the NY-Soc Human Res Mgmt for 2 years

My interview is 8:30am Friday am... so I can see just how bad traffic is likely to be. If I'm late or just squeaking into the interview... well, that'll probably decide things anyhow.

They didn't balk at the number i gave for salary... so we'll see.
for like the 4th week in a row - we had to power go off for a bit today @ the office... after having a surge earlier in the day...


On good news - got the DMV ban lifted on my car, so I'm re-registered & now won't lose sleep over car being towed while I sleep (unlike last year).

And to click the babies:

They're a-growin! )

*off to ninja click in between work*
  • F*$%$^&#$%@#$ company didn't get my 24 hrs called in for DDeposit *TWO* weeks ago. (7/11)
  • I get 1 check last Tuesday for partial hours. (and I wasn't the only one whose hours weren't reported by the acct mgr)
  • Another had to be cut for the rest... "should have by Tuesday" (7/15). - There was differing info if I would get paid for them (training)
  • I call Mgr last week say: I don't have.
  • Thursday (7/16): I have your check in hand. I will mail it to you. (hence I should have in my mailbox Fri or Sat)
  • Wed (7/23) night: shook ALL mail from prior week out, no check.
  • Thur 7/24: Leave msg. Get call back thurs pm : I have your check in my hand - never mailed.
  • Fri 7/25 - TWO weeks late!! - I have on my desk this am, go to cash (drawn on PNC - NOT my usual bank nor on my way to lunch or my bank) - that Acct = BoA account... so a NEW check has to be cut - which "although we don't normally do this" is going to be DHL'd out - and I should have in hand Monday.

I am out 1.5 hrs of lunch break f*ing with this, as well as $30 late fee for day care...thank the Gods I didn't write some daycare 2 wks ago before the paycheck was SUPPOSED to go in - cuz I don't wanna think about what my bank account would be looking like for that!

Just - omg.

Soo  - as soon as I have that check in my hand, I am writing to the regional VP - who stopped in during training to tell us: "You don't work for me, I work for you" Than dammit - PAY me for the hours I DO work!!!! Hard to believe w/ s* like this, that they're supposedly third largest in the US

Ah well... I'm off to hatch some eggs: My eggs
Well, this past weekend was interesting.

Sat, took an all-day course to refresh my CPR training, and re-train in 1st Aid. (paid - yay!)

Mon & Tues, took the eighteen f*ing hour course of booooooring for VA Core Class for Unarmed Security Officer.

I passed (needed 70, got 92 - and 2 I missed, I had originally picked the correct answer :p )

So now I'm registered to work anywhere in VA as an USO, for 2 yrs... then it's $20, plus a "4-hour" course - either free through my employer (for 4 hrs), or $50 online - which can be completed as fast as I can do it.

Now if only the security company actually GETS me working more often.



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