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Yes - I have a Brit I've seen twice (of 3 trips): [livejournal.com profile] huntingospray ; several Canadians, incl: [livejournal.com profile] wyntir_rose , and damn - can't recall who else...

And I hope to meet : [livejournal.com profile] vejiraziel , [livejournal.com profile] __wilderness__ , [livejournal.com profile] snugsbunny and any others I can't recall being not-stateside lol.

Many others from Europe via tfw2005.com as well. And many many from other parts of the US - both local (YAY!) and fartehr away. At least now, given my family is all <5miles & 95% of friends as well, I have additional reasons to travel elsewhere. Between my favorite authors, & LJ/Net friends - I have a lot of traveling I'd love to do as K gets older.
Preface this posting with: I came to LJ to post the funny, and the Writer's Block was related :)

Writer's Block: Kids or child-free?
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While I have a wonderful son, I fully believe I would have been equally happy, in different ways, if I had continued child-free. There would obviously be certain experiences that one misses when you do not have children (whether bio or adopted), but there are others that having child(ren) makes difficult if not impossible, even with a partner.

I was just never a overly maternal person. I also have learned that due to mostly bio-reasons, I will not have another child, but would not be against being a Step-mom or adopting w/ a new SO.

Can I borrow $5?

A woman came home from work late, tired and irritated, to find her 5-year old son waiting for her at the door )
3/8/10 Don't Tease Me Bro!
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I wouldn't say often, depending on the person doing the teasing. Some, such as my ex, and a former acquaintance, would often go too far. Most of the people I associate with, know the line (in general as well as my fairly long fuse). I have - usually a "joke" about infidelity, Wiccans/Witches, or more recently homosexuality. I don't mind jokes about any of the above - but some are in *really* poor taste, or folks will get on a roll - and some really just never should have been shared in the first place.

And a handful of times I've been told I'd hurt someone. I don't do a lot of teasing, and usually it's just a comment & moved on. Usually I have hurt someone's feelings if I continued the teasing beyond a comment or two.

3/7/10 Best Book ever!
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Nope - cuz within the first 1-3 chapters, my brain has helpfully supplied the overall storyline, and often sequence highlights, if not also which other books characters appear in/author has written. I seldom re-read books, unless it's to refresh my brain prior to reading a new book in a series that had been on hiatus.

3/5/10 Raining cats or dogs?
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I strongly prefer cats - though mostly for living w/ me. I don't mind dogs, as long as they aren't mine, and listen to basic commands. I prefer cats due to living a busy life )
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Well, it depends on when... Ideally - BotCon or DragonCon time, where I could explore the area things were at. Otherwise, week1=DisneyWorld w/ my son & close fam&friends; week2=cruise probably.

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Sadly, this Yank would probably be lost... I'm too outspoken for a woman throughout most American history, and even confirmed world history. Mebbe Celtic region, pre-Christian, as a Druid. Since all my family is local & other than a couple of friends, my buddies as well - I dunno why I'd move elsewhere. And since I haven't traveled much inside the US, much less at all outside of it, I have NFC where I'd live aside from "romantic" ideas of places & times.
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Erm... all time would be White-Cheddar Cheez-its, Ritz snack-mix & Chex bold snack-mix.

Different activities = diff foods? Not really - more like what I have available & how badly I've blown watching what I've eaten that day/recently.

Hasn't really changed in years... except I am eating more popcorn than I used to, now that the mini-bags are more easily found at the store. It's a bit more healthy than most of the other options I like, tho the fact the it's gotta be buttered & preferably Movie-Lover's (extra butter) kinda hurts the healthiness XD
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Yes. It allows a parent to use their discretion as to allowing their child to viist a site, whether directly, or via a "sitter"/screening program. It also warns a child who may happen upon a site "Hey, I read this really cool story/art" - and then continue or not.

I feel that the MPAA scale is fairly accurate - and more importantly, readily recognized by the public. Though I personally prefer the TV-ratings. PG is a bit broad. Whereas my currently 7 y/o boy would be allowed to watch up to TV14 - but I'd also have an idea that a TV7FV (Fantasy violence, such as Pwr Rangers or TFs) show might have that my son would then seek to emulate. Letters to indicate sexuality, cursing or violence would be helpful.

Place a chill on expression? No I don't - it hasn't so far.

In short - yes, a rating on websites I think should be mandatory, and I don't think it'd put a crimp on creativity. If a site chooses to not host things beyond a certain level (which exists now), that is their perogative as the site/list owner. Likewise, if someone posts inappropriate material, the child or responsible adult should report it.

You can't protect children from everything - but you can try to be informed & inform them - and make the best decisions based on that information you can with the tools at your disposal. Like, I fully support the V-chip & sitter-software - BUT - I *am adamently* against pre-set filters. Let *ME*, the parent decide what my child can see/visit. Some of these public-school & libraries torque me off w/ their wide-spread filters (Wicca & non-J-C/Islamic sites have often been banned - say what?). Porn I get - that's offensive in about every culture, and should be something introduced/monitored by a parent... but sex sites for info, or religious sites about minority religions?? really??

**gets off soapbox** wow LJ - you've had some seriously thought-provoking questions this month - and it's only mid-January!!
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Religious freedom & equality, specifically Neo-Pagan & Wiccan. Also do some work for LGBT rights. Mostly letter-writing & marching for the latter. Letters & living it for the former. As in- I don't hide I'm Wiccan, and in the past I wore my Pentacle necklace in the open at work & my plates indicate my beliefs as well. which reminds me I need to go hunting for a new necklace...

Most either feel the same or don't give a crap - about either. The again, most of the ones that don't give a crap don't vote or otherwise participate in the system beyond mandatory taxes either.

Most of my family also feel strongly about these issues - though my parents were not the ones that started e down either path - only taught me to try to think of ppl equally.

eta: as many of you know, I'm the mod on the kink-meme. Recently, there's been an uptick in trolling & flaming. Most recently,, it was wank about child pr0n being requested or written It's not & won't be while I'm a mod). One of the prompts that preceded the wank was Megatron likes em fresh/young - a Bot's first time... It got written, and I gotta share the author's foreword:

For those trollish anons, Bluestreak is young by Cybertronian standards. He is (not counting the 4 million years in stasis) a mere 50 vorns old. As each vorn is 83 human years that means that our young Bluestreak is four thousand, one hundred fifty (4150) years old and thus, damned trolls, well past the age of consent anywhere on Earth. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Well said author-anon, well said.
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Political, I don't think so. Abortion is not just political though. Trust or respect them, for opposite views - I truly don't think there is any issue that I couldn't T/R someone for having opposing views.

I think the ONLY 2 polical issues that would cause serious problems for me are actually 2 that are also wrapped up in faith, which makes the secular & political issues murkier - LGBT rights & equality, and the continuing attempts to make the US a "Christian nation". Far too many of the arguments being used to prevent LGBT from having equal legal rights & protections were used to keep women & non-whites as secondary citizens as recent as the past century.

For religion - you don't have to follow my faith, but don't be forcing your views down my throat either. The Constitution says that there will not be a single faith supported by the government.
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Call a few - usually the next morning. We do watch the countdown (Dick Clark's); and often since me & my closest friends are broke, we spend NYE @ my parents where we play Scene-It games, and Atmosfear, w/ snacks & moderate drinking.

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Sorta - I've given my notice that @ end of shift, I would not be back.

Was my 2nd time working for Books-A-Million. The first, I was "fired" - by a manager who was herself fired 6mo later, and rumor ran the company was looking @ a harassment suit against her from another former employee.

The 2nd time, the main store in the area - was hired as a dept manager - the discount books on the front tables. Mind you, the tables were *FULL* of books that were ripped, bent, and anywhere from 2-10 y/o... with only 10% off... and 35+ boxes of books needing to be put out, in the back, w/ 2-4 more coming out weekly. I'd asked about having a couple of weekends of 50% off or BOGO, or similar. Store MGr said no, I asked about presenting idea to Dist. Mgr... was told "They don't want to hear ideas from the stores, they tell us what to do & only want us to do it". Well, considering the store customer service dept SUCKED (and had for most of the time it's been open), and that attitude... plus they refused to carry a good # of New Age & Wiccan books that Borders & B&N carried despite my knowing of requests (hearing it).

I left. ON a Thursday. This was in .... 2003 or 2004. I have bought perhaps 1 item in the years since then. I will not work for a company that I would not be a customer of w/o my employee discount/perks. Hence I give little to no $ to Radio Shack since 1994, none to BAM, and a couple others including AMWAY makeup & Mary Kay. Versus my pride working for JCPenney & selling AVON.
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I most certainly will confront them! And while I am more likely to do so if it directly offends me, I'm fairly likely to do so if I see another take offense. Considering I appear WASP, but am LGBT friendly (and exploring that path) and also a Wiccan... ummm yeah. Not much might be *apparent* most of the time, but bigotry & prejudice, in any form, makes me hot under the collar. Even those who I am not close to due to their specific personal choices - I'll defend the basis for them making the choice I don't agree with :)
[Error: unknown template qotd] I have had a cop interrupt a romantic liaison

I have been to an "adult" club

I read mostly m/f romance/erotica

*note I haz no clue why all my statements are sexual - probably b/c outside of that, ppl would know me pretty well LOL*

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Transformers. Whether reading comics, watching latest cartoon offering (or older ones) with my son, or fighting over who gets to add the latest toy to their collection XD
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Truly lame:

This is my first time LOL

Next entry not for 3 yrs :p
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Why - just recently for ROTF showing at midnight!!

Other than that, hmm... every other Friday qualifies - I work a PT job as a security guard - and due tot he every other wkend issue, only shift I can get is overnight. So, get up at 6ish for M-F FT job; come home @ 6:30pmish; go to PT job @ 11-7am... home at 7:30-8:00am Saturday. 25-27 hr Fridays are getting to be common.
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Well, considering that I converted - more accurately, discovered - Wicca after being raised Eastern (Russian) Orthodox... I already have. As to future converting? Unlikely. Even as casually as I observe Sabbats & Esbats now, I am aware of them, and try hard to at least send up a prayer of thanks & acknowledgment to the Lady & Lord. If this doesn't "work" for me down the road, I'll become agnostic. Thus far in my spiritual journeys, I've yet to find a mainstream that seems like a better fit, and I haz izzues with someone saying this is the "only right" way to Deity.

Hopefully, my son will feel much the same - and I will support him in his eventual choice, as long as he doesn't start vilifying others that aren't on the same path.
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Well, as I'm currently single - and part of the long-term, hidden (or at least not readily acknowledged by me til towards the end) issues... Yea - the "your friends or me" syndrome. Realizing just *how* damn miserable I was - and admittedly, had largely allowed myself to be manipilated/guilted - yea.

Next time - dude (or dudette - who knows?) must understand that I have 95% male friends - some of whom I've know nearly 1/2 my life. Birth of my son, 2 marriages, yea... I will not give up a friend for a SO. Cut *back* on my time hanging? Sure...

But as one of those friends-who-wants-more is having to be told - there's only so much time I have free post-mommytime & 2nd job. I DO have more than him to see & spend time with.

So the next time - when it happens - the SO loses. I once made the opposite choice - and is one of the few regrets I have in life - I lost almost 10 yrs of a friendship. Luckily, he & his (now) wife let me back into their life - and I count them both as good friends, and our sons hopefully will continue to be pals.
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To an extent. Until my divorce, and subsequent tentative exploration of my own sexuality, and frank discussions & observations of some friends, I would have said yes - as in HTH does polyamory work?? Can it work? - Naaaaaah

Learning about myself these past 3 yrs, I feel that while it is great to have your soulmate in one person, it is unrealistic to expect that one person to be your everything. I have so many different interests, NO ONE person fulfills them all. At best, I wouldn't have to look outside my relationship for one-half of my active interests (and inactive ones I want to get back into). In fact, by splitting my discussions amongst my friends, I have at least 1 person I can completely geek or connect to on any given topic. When you expect to have the one, the partner who isn't it can become very resentful when you look outside of them to get that mental or emotional fulfillment.

Going to some groups & talking to those in the poly lifestyle, while I do think it requires a bit more work, as you have 2 adults to keep happy - it also means there are 2 people to help you, whether the problem/feelings are yours, or the third in the partnership. You are not alone in solving your personal problems, nor are you alone in trying to help the one you love that is hurting. Of course, this also means there are 2 (or more) people trying to talk sense into you at times :)

After saying above, unless it is understood that you're having an open relationship, or a committed poly one, you should be monogamous. If that is NOT discussed and understood by all parties... well, I think that's where there's a big disconnect these days. I do think the current trend of serial monogamy is a joke.
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My ex frequently refused my apologies. As for refusing someone's...none that I can recall, though I'm sure there's been a few, between my ex & my sister.

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Babylon 5 series hands-down. However, most anything that takes place in space, and has a "large" following, is probably a fave of mine.



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